Monday, October 18, 2010

"Mom, You Look Like a Hobo!"

ME: "Excuse me? Did I hear you correctly? You think I look like I am homeless?"

BRODY: "Yes. The homeless guy on "60 Minutes" looked better than you." "And your hair is all (He imitates the sound of an explosion and waves his hands in the air)."

Apparently, words cannot adequately describe how bad my hair looks in the morning.

All this from my little punk rock kid who likes to wear men's large basketball shorts with knee high black socks!

It's not fair! My boys can all flop out of bed, pull on shorts and a t-shirt (which they likely wore to bed anyway), and go on their merry way. When I do the same thing (at least I brush my teeth first ........ sometimes), everyone has a cow!

My boys are not what I would call "fashionistas." Yet they've already learned what women are supposed to look like. And they are embarrassed when I don't measure up.

I'd like to dismiss their opinions based on the fact they only have one X chromosome. The problem is that even my sister tells me I need to be on the show "What Not to Wear."

I routinely watch that show. (I'll have to admit that maybe, occassionally, I wear something similar to the clothes that are ridiculed on the show.) Still, I like my ripped up jeans and my Uggs and my sweatshirtsand my message t-shirts (like the one that says "This is what a feminist looks like") and, well, umm, you get the idea.

Ok, Brody, I'll put my hair in a ponytail and change out of my jammies before I take you to school. Are you happy now?