Saturday, October 4, 2008

Whatever Happened to Woodward and Bernstein?

I almost changed the world today, but then I decided to sleep in. I was signed up to canvass with Forward Colorado, an organization that promotes the democrats running for federal office. I volunteered last weekend to canvass in an attempt to remind supporters to vote and to convince the undecided of the error of their ways. Three hours later, after knocking on God knows how many doors, and talking to four people (two of which said they don't care), I decided I didn't really like canvassing. But all of the campaign experts say that grassroots politics, e.g. canvassing, is critical, particularly in tight races. Personally, I found it depressing. So, although I had agreed to canvas today for the dems, I bailed. I know - Obama's impending defeat rests firmly on my shoulders. I'm in one of the 6 toss-up states for Christ's sake! Our country's fate depends on people like me, and I failed.

I know. I don't have as much influence as the moderators of vice-presidential debates who let candidates avoid answering questions in order to spew their well-rehearsed sound-bites tthereby turning a "debate" into a commercial. Nor can I have as much impact as the temporary host of Meet the Press (Brokaw - God love him) who let Bob Schaeffer(R), a.k.a, Moron from Hell, Candidate for U.S. Senate in Colorado, take over what was supposed to be a debate - by refusing to stop talking and by continually interrupting Mark Udall.

So, really, it's not my fault. It's Tim Russert's fault. He had the audacity to die just when the American people (ergo, the world) needed him the most. He was the ONLY person in the media who was willing and/or able to call politicians to task, no matter what their party affiliation. They could not avoid answering questions or give sound-bite answers. He wouldn't let them get away with that. He understood that there was too much at stake. And he had the balls (sorry Gwen) to demand real answers. Does anyone else miss him as much as I do?


SSP said...

oh yes, i do briana. i tivoed both debates so i could watch carefully and was just incensed that as much as both moderators gently reminded the candidates, particularly the VP debate, they just did their own little speeches.....stupid politicians have destroyed politics....

I think they shoulda had someone like baba wawa or Oprah or rosie o'donnell do the moderating - even david letterman, who was on FIRE last night would at least be ballsy enough to poke em with a stick til they gave an ANSWER

JIMSIGHT said...

There are less than a handful of television reporters and anchors who in their different ways defined their genre and their age, Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite and Tim Russert.

That being said, I think the candidates are more to blame than the moderator's. They are behaving like precocious children.

Briana said...

The problem is that the overwhelming majority of voters limit their intake of information to 30 second soundbites. I thought that the press was supposed to be the non-partisan reporter of information, not the regurgitator of commercials. How pathetic is it that Tim was the only political media personality who actually did what they are all supposed to do! Which is why his absence is so important. No reporter/moderator with any undersanding of their role in the political process would have let Palin get away with turning a debate into a commercial. Tim would not have accepted that.

Charmaine said...

There is no sence in looking backward. Look forward and resist the urge to find some television hero rather, become the hero. It's you. I see it clearly.

You have the education and the drive to accomplish anything you want to accomplish.

You've got the goods. I believe in you.

All you have to do is try.