Thursday, December 31, 2009

How to Corrupt a Minor

Charmaine arrived in Denver on New Year's Eve.

Very disappointed in her younger sister's lack of coolness, (as evidenced by having no plans for the most celebrated night of the year), she immediately asked for directions (and a ride) to Party City.

A party - ok. Guest list: Dan, me, our 3 boys, our 14-year old niece, Chandler, and 11-year old nephew, Burke, and, of course, Charmaine.

Party supplies: party hats, tiaras, blowy things, silly string, balloons, and maybe a little alcohol.

Sounds good, right? A little family-friendly gathering to usher in the new decade. What could possibly go wrong?

Balloons - helium balloons. In innocent hands, the biggest consequence of balloons is a popping sound when it escapes and hits the popcorn ceiling or when a child sits on it.

That was before Charmaine showed the kids how to inhale helium. See for yourself.


Anita said...

Such fun! Happy New Year to you and Yours! And I hope to read much more from you in the coming year.

SSP said...

baaaaa whhhaaaaaa haaaa haaa - thank god for aunts that corrupt! *my own neices and nephew say that too!


Charmaine said...

Creating Helium addicts one child at a time...It's my purpose, my destiny.