Sunday, February 14, 2010

Can Reality TV Help Me?

There seems to be a consensus that I need the help of reality tv.

Not just one show - several.

My neighbor thinks I need to be on "Clean Sweep," which if you recall makes you get rid of all of the crap in your house. I agree with that assessment; but it's no longer on the air.

My sister, Charmaine, thinks I need "Super Nanny." I have to disagree with that. I don't think my kids are so bad. And what does she know? She doesn't have any kids (although those are usually the people who think they are experts)!

Brody thinks I need to be on "What Not to Wear." As much as I would like $5,000 to shop in New York, I won't, because they would make me get rid of my favorite violations - Uggs, torn up jeans, and turtlenecks in every color. Not gonna happen!

I appreciate all of their suggestions; but the only reality tv show I want to be on is "Wife Swap."
Doesn't this look like fun!


Anita said...

Wife Swap is hysterical! But no reality TV for me; it makes me crazy. I just can't watch people who should be embarrassed, but aren't.

As for your Uggs and ripped jeans--keep them! I would spend my whole life in the clothes I put on when I get home from the office if I could.

Charmaine said...

Nodody is taking my Ugs, fake as they may be, eva. And I don't think you need Super Nanny. You need Super Granny.