Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tucson - Day One - Planes

Now that I peaked your interest about the planes, I feel I can't let you down.
This is the Air Force One that carried the recently-deceased JFK back to D.C. while Johnson was being sworn in to office.

Here are some more planes.

Uh, more planes.

Well, you get the idea!


Charmaine said...

De plane, boss. De plane

SSP said...

my friend matt proposed to his wife there....we have a friend who works there who preset the engagement ring in the desk on Air Force One. Matt tells Maren that the museum had recently found some things in the desk that had been left by Kennedy, and that they had left them and visitors were encouraged to go through the desk and see the things....she was not too into sitting down and checking it out, and matt almost freaked she wouldn't find the ring....but she did :-)

it was great to see you!!! thanks for calling. hope hubby's surgery goes ok...i will want to hear more!!