Monday, May 30, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Nightmare Act I

For those of you following the "Adventures of Skeletor," I have a new episode. This one is NOT a comedy. It's a true Shakesperian Tragedy!

In the most recent episodes, Skeletor moved to Colorado, moved to California, was banished 10 days later, then moved in with her brother in Chicago. Peace continued in the village of Lakewood.

ENTER CRUELLA: The psychologically-challenged offspring of Skeletor and evil sister of the tragic hero, Barbie, (aka me). Cruella had been lurking, I mean living in California where she had been banished for the previous 25 years.

Barbie never saw the foreboding doom.

Under the cloak of night, Cruella escaped. Rumor spread throughout the village of her hiding in a surrounding township. The village people (not the band) attempted to prepare. Phone numbers were classified. A moat was poured.

Strangely, a huge fire broke out in the precise section of the township where Cruella hid. A quiet whisper swept among townspeople. Did Cruella light it? Or was it the plotting of El Diablo? Cruella was forced to find refuge in a temporary shelter.

Anyone who studied English literature knows that every tragic hero has a fundamental flaw which leads to her ultimate downfall. Woe is me. Barbie has a shit-load of fundamental flaws. She's screwed!

One of her fatal flaws was her huge heart (which shows itself mostly after she has consumed large quantities of Friar Lawrence's Sleeping Potion (a.k.a. Coor's Light). Hearing of Cruella's misfortune and lacking in good judgment due to the Sleeping Potion, Barbie made the mistake of opening her door to Cruella, which opened the door to termites. As you know, once you get termites, you can't get rid of them.

Stay tuned for Act II.

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