Saturday, September 12, 2009

A New Generation of the IRA

You may have thought that the fighting between the IRA and the Brits was over. I'm here to tell you, Ireland is growing a whole new set of terrorists.

Look at these rebels. I was just walking down the street in Tralee, (during the Rose of Tralee Festival), when I was accosted by these heavily-armed rebels demanding euros in exchange for a picture.

But I knew how to handle these terrorists. Afterall, my grandfather was in the IRA. So I outsmarted them. I enticed them with quarters, which they accepted under the naive belief that American money is worth more than euros.

It was about then that their leader (ok, their mother) came out of a store and summoned them to their tank (umm, her car).

As they say, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."


SSP said...

i was in dublin the summer of 1981 when bobby sands was on his hunger strike and bombs were going off both there and in belfast...scary times. I was walking in Cork one day and a TANK rumbled through with heavily armed soldiers...i had never seen anythung like it in my life (ahh the sweetness and innocence of the 80s)

good call with the quarters...too bad we can't convince the rest of the world that the dollar is worth more!!

Charmaine said...

Hee hee