Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Bucket List

Today is my birthday. I am now 46. I am on technically on the downhill slide into 50.

My mother came by today to deliver my birthday present - two pounds of bacon. She also sent me a card that said that she loved me in spite of myself and that I didn't treat her like a mother, but she wished I did. (Happy fricking birthday to you, too!)

Last month, while drinking a couple (maybe more) pints in a pub in Ireland appropriately named "Bar Undertaker", my uncle John (the psychiatrist) asked me and my cousins if we were to die tomorrow, would we be satisfied with what we had done in our lives.

Tom said "Yes." Deirdre said "Yes." I said "No."

They looked at me, mouths agape, and asked, "Why not?"

Because I haven't changed the world yet. Duh! They responded uncomfortably that I better get going. So it got me thinking. What DO I want to do?

1. Hold an elective office.

2. Go to Paris.

3. Go to Russia.
4. Relearn French and Russian.
5. Grow a couple inches.

6. Write a book.
7. Take my kids to Ireland and show them the jail my grandfather broke into, thereby getting shot, the hospital next door where my grandmother helped him escape saving him from execution and everything else there.

8. Get paid for taking photos.

9. Live where there's no snow and where there is an ocean.
You may have sensed that I haven't put a lot of thought into this. Anyway, how about you? What do you still want to accomplish?


That One Mom said...

Wow! I wanna hear more about your renegade grandparents!!

Happy birthday! Charmaine told me how great you are. I'd have to agree!

SSP said...

and just cuz I am the same age, need i remind you that we are now more than 1/2 way to 90, and we are closer to 60 than 30....THAT gentle ribbing over, I tried to help you with the french when me and Pool Boy were goofing around on your sisters blog...heh heh. I am hoping to be in France next year, so maybe you should come with me???

now, by elective office, do you mean one you take cuz you want an elective class, or one you actually have to be voted into....heh heh (semantics, I know)

as for the inches...they have this surgery in Japan, I hear, where they can make your shin bones longer....maybe instead of russia and paris, you nned to go to tokyo!? or you can just start wearing your hair big again! tee hee

what do I want?? I suppose I will put it on my a day or two

Love ya - did you get my birthday email?

Briana said...

SSP, you are soooo funny :)

Our exchange student, Etienne, kept telling us to visit him next year. I would love to go.

I'm definitely not going to Tokyo. Charmaine has lots of pairs of "hooker shoes" that will make me tall!