Thursday, November 27, 2008

What Are You Thankful For?

I spent about 2 hours today at my in-laws for Thanksgiving (enough time for me to eat, drink and be a little bit merry) before my 14 year old son, Aidan (I don't want to hear any crap from you Jim - it's a common Irish name) called and asked me to come home. He had his tonsils and adenoids removed on Tuesday and he has been in an acute state of misery since then. Although he had said that he didn't mind if we left him home today, that was before my mother showed up shortly before we were to leave. She announced that she would not be going to my in-laws today and would stay with Aidan. So I told Aidan that he could either come with us or stay home with Granny. He had to think about those options for a while, but, in the end, decided to stay home. Luckily for him, Granny only stayed for 2 hours.

This brought back the fond memory of when my 4 impacted wisdom teeth were removed. It was spring break during my 2nd year of college (everyone else went to Mexico). I remember walking out into the waiting room feeling more than a little loopy to find my sister, Charmaine, holding a large bouquet of red balloons each of which had drawings of blood drippings She's quite the comedian!

She redeemed herself by providing me with a constant supply of hot tea with lemon and honey as I suffered in bed. Eventually, though, even her caretaking abilities could not make up for the even more painful presence of my mother, and I had to retreat to my empty dorm (which provides no food service or anything else during spring break). Sadly, it was better to be alone in the dorm than in the house with my mother.

So I am thankful that my son finds my presence to be helpful, comforting, and sympathetic during this difficult time. God knows I didn't learn this skill from my mother!
The photo is Aidan and Charmaine during Charmaine's last visit.
When stating what you are thankful for at your very Republican in-laws' house, don't say "A Democratic President, Senate and House of Representatives."


Charmaine said...

Ha ha. That is a good picture.

I totally forgot about the balloons. It has always been my delight to torture you.

Remember in New York when I would be outside your window pretending to be "The Stalker"?

When I had my wisdom teeth taken out there was no one in the waiting room. The Dentist had to call me a cab.

Charmaine said...

Did you send me that pic? If so, send it again.

Briana said...

Today Aidan told me thanks for taking care of him and being such a nice mom :)

JIMSIGHT said...

LMAO, I was just being a smart ass regarding the name thing, I think your boys names are great...really I do.

Briana said...

OK Jim. You're forgiven. Excuse my fragile ego:). However, if anything you do or say can be fodder for my blog, I'm gonna have to use it!

JIMSIGHT said...

Thank you and that is understood. I just wanted to restate my case. I was supposed to be Seamus, but my mom pussed out and went for James instead. Sometimes I wish she had stuck to her guns...