Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baseball Slideshow Hell

I spent every fricking one of Brody's baseball games taking pictures on the sidelines, in the dugout, through the fence, etc. I was even hit in the ribs by a baseball that the 1st baseman failed to catch. That hurts!

My thinking was that since none of the other parents had a good camera like mine, they all might appreciate photos of their kids. Better yet, how about a slideshow dvd for all of the kids?

So day after day, game after game, I took pictures. Literally, thousands of pictures. Then I painstakingly categorized pictures by child, by action shot or candid, by batting, sliding, etc. (you get the point) then compiled the best of the best accompanied by appropriate music with certain photos matching up with certain lyrics.

In other words, I have been obsessed!

Just as I am coming to an end of this excruciating process, I learn that the team is dissolving (that's a story in and of itself).

But here's a very small clip of the DVD that almost sent me to my grave.


SSP said...

glad you were able to recover it!! the parents will treasure it.....but man, you are a dedicated, obsessed fiend with the camera!!

That One Mom said...

Wow!! I wish there would have been a mom like that on The Boy's team!

Briana said...

I hope the parents will feel bad about conspiring behind our backs and breaking up the team. But they probably won't. Even the couple who we thought were our friends dropped both us, and the team. Youth sports! Ugghh!