Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Run, Brody, Run"

BRODY: "Mom, can we go to church today?"

ME: "No."

BRODY: "Why not?"

ME: "We just don't do that kind of thing, honey."

BRODY: "But mom, all of my friends do it."

ME: "If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you? Now stop whining and go play some more video games, or you're grounded."

Our Christian neighbor offered to take Brody with them to church last Sunday in an attempt to save one of the Lord's lost lambs. Great, I thought. One experiment with organized religion would definitely break him of this nonsense.

I waited for him to come home.

ME: "How was church, Brody?"

BRODY: "Good."

ME: "What did they talk about? The Bible? Sinners? Reverand Sun Yun Moon? Taking
the Lord's name in vain?"

BRODY: "No." (Whew!) Just stuff about encouragement."

ME: "Those bastards!"

If I didn't know better, I'd think they were trying to brainwash our children like that damn Obama did when he spoke to the schools. They must be stopped!

Does anyone know a good cult deprogrammer?


SSP said...

hey, the best thing my mom did, after she had me confirmed as a good little catholic girl, was let me go to whatever church i wanted...she didn't take me to Mass unlesss I was at my grandma....but she let me go get confirmed as a Lutheran in 7th grade, and took me whereever else i wanted to go...her not locking me into one thing, and not locking me out of everything else encouraged me to be curious....that is all you can hope for I curious, be aware, and there comes power

Anonymous said...