Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Have Been Adopted

Ok, I'll admit it. There have been times when I wish I had a daughter. It's only natural since I have all boys. And I'll have to admit that the thought of adopting a girl (my eggs are old) has crossed my mind.

Instead, I have been adopted. By my neighbor's dog. (It's a girl).
My screen door doesn't shut completely without a little effort. So Sprocket comes over and nudges her nose into the opening until she gets in. If the main door is closed, she pushes on the screen door repeatedly until we let her in. She comes to the living room searching out fallen crumbs (of which there are many) and then takes a nap somewhere. Today she crawled up onto the couch with a snowman.
She's lonely. Her family is busy and she is left alone frequently. Apparently she has decided that she just wants someone to keep her company. And that's ok with me.
I have also been adopted by her 7-year old master, Brit. He has a 16 year old brother and 2 working parents. Brit learned long ago that he had a lot more in common with my 3 boys, than with his older brother. So he comes over alot to play (at least he knocks on the door). He is a sweet little boy and blends in well here. What's one more boy when you already have three!
I love that Brit and Sprocket feel as comfortable in my house as in their own. They add something to my life and I enjoy both of them - together or separately.


JIMSIGHT said...

It is nice to be the house where the innocent feel comfy...cudos to you..

Briana said...

Every once in a while, I do something right!

SSP said...

that is sweet - you know a place is safe when puppies and puppy breathed boys feel ok coming in :-) great photo of sprocket!

Briana said...

Yesterday when the 16 year old came over to retrieve Sprocket, he had to drag her out. Of course, Brody was feeding him ham at the time, so I'm sure she was conflicted!

SSP said...

who was conflicted? the 16 year old (look out Aidan!) or the dog

Briana said...

Definitely the dog!

Charmaine said...

I can attest to this phenomenon. Brit and Sprocket really DO live there.

It amazing. They are there ALL DAY!!!