Monday, December 1, 2008

Why I Need to Change My Locks

I left my house twice today - once to go to the eye doctor (who gave me the brilliant diagnosis that I am far-sighted which would explain the ten pairs of reading glasses that lie around my house) and to pick up my aspiring actor son, Gunnar, from school where he auditioned for the school musical. I called Aidan on the way home from the Dr. to see if he wanted a slurpee at 7-11. He said "yes." Then he told lme that Granny had come over and proceeded to whine to him about how upset she was that we didn't call her Sunday and that she was so bored and lonely that she cried. My son is not a licensed psychologist, which makes we wonder why she thinks this is an appropriate thing to say to a 14 year old. He is not responsible for her boredom. And if she was so bored and lonely, then she wouldn't have then left soon thereafter. (Although that was better for Aidan).

As I was waiting outside the school for Gunnar, Aidan sends me the following text:
"Granny tried to lock out Brody (from the house) and when I didn't let her, she told Brody I was a fuddy duddy in the kitchen where she thought I couldn't hear her." So now she's back to insulting Aidan (previous readers will remember the time she called him a "bastard."

I know one can't expect a pit bull to change it's colors. But my naive self thought that a grandmother pit bull just might. She has definitely aimed her arrows at Aidan, so far. My thinking is that she knows inherently that he is the one who is the most sensitive to this kind fo thing. Of course, this is not a conscious thought. It's just disturbing that my mother is now extending her damage on to the next generation. At least I can help him understand that she's whacked.


SSP said...

that is definitely crazy...and not "crazy" as in "aw, that is so sweet." Your mom definitely has a wire crossed somewhere......your kids are definitely not fuddy duddys!! How did Gunnar do!?

Briana said...

Gunnar thinks he did a great job (he is not lacking in self-confidence). They are doing Hello Dolly. Today my mother upped the ante and asked Aidan if he would be upset if she dropped dead tomorrow. He said yes (what else could he say?) Then she asked "a little or a lot?" I don't think even the best emotional manipulators would do it so blatantly! But then, my mom must be the best.

Charmaine said...

She is a self absorbed freak.

I would, however, explain to your kids that sometimes old people get very selfish, moody and depressed. Just so they don't think it's their fault.

Charmaine said...

Then...for the record, know that you are wonderful.

SSP said...

you are wonderful - your mama is a whack job....and I KNOW whack jobs.....missing both of y'all's posts but then i am too busy to be doing this anyway!!!