Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Son the Rock Star

Last week, my son and his friend, Kyle, performed in the junior high talent show. (My son is the short one). They played Good Riddance by Greenday. In the middle of the song, Gunnar jumped off the stage with his guitar and ran through the auditorium, much to the delight of the audience.

Gunnar is never happier than when he is on stage. He can barely contain his excitement. I'm pretty sure that he inherited his musical talent from me, but where on earth did this confidence to perform in front of people come from? I'm almost more proud of him for that than his ability to play guitar.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that my 14-year old, Aidan, plays bass in the high school orchestra, and my 10-year old, Brody, is learning piano. I have a photo of Aidan and me before a concert, but I can't post it since it isn't very flattering of me. Sorry, I'm vain.
Brody wants to learn drums, but I'm not a total glutton for punishment! (Although it's only a certain amount of time before I cave).

Maybe someday they'll create a wildly successful brother band (like The Jonas Brothers or Naked Brothers Band) and buy their mom a big house and Mercedes. Probably not, since they can't be in the same room without beating each other up. I guess I need a job!


SSP said...

LOVE IT!! did you tape it? can you post it? your kids are awesome. 2 thumbs up for your rock star kids

JIMSIGHT said...

This is so awesome....I am jealous. Tara used to do tons of stuff like this and it was easy to be the proud parent in the audience. I miss watching the other parents faces wishing it was their kid...oh well I will have to wait for a while but maybe the grandkids will play the game for me too...

Briana said...

I didn't videotape because Gunnar told me that the school was taping. He says that he will get a tape on Monday, so we'll see.
Gunnar was cast as Rudolph in Hello Dolly. I personally can't remember that part, but I'm sure I will be there with bells on. My crazy mom came over and complained about how horrible the talent show was. I don't get it. I thought it was fabulous.

SSP said...

re-read your own comment..."my CRAZY mom came over...." 'nuff said.

Rudolph is in the restaurant scene - the maitre d' maybe - i think he is the one who starts off the HELLO DOLLY song!!!

Charmaine said...

What have I been missing? Jeez so many posts.

So he walked off the stage still playing the guitar?

He returned, right?

Briana said...

Kyle was still on stage playing the guitar and Gunnar walked down the steps and to the back of the auditorium clapping his hands above his head, and then rejoined Kyle on stage. Very fun!