Tuesday, September 9, 2008

15 Minutes? I Just Need 30 Seconds

I have now arrived. I was on tv last night. Ok, I was just attending a city council meeting and it was televised on the government access channel (people skip by it on the way to NBC). And yet, I feel a little famous. Especially when the music teacher at my son's elementary school told me she saw me on tv ( while she was switching channels). For about 30 seconds, I was the central focus on channel 8 as I made my public comment regarding my support for building a baseball field (read previous posts for context). While I would like to characterize my television debut as an overwhelming success, I will have to admit to a momentary inability to find the proper word (any word). At least I know that I will never be a news anchor! This picture is the stadium in Omaha where the College World Series is played. The team in the dugout is Fresno State which won the series this year. Go Fresno!


SF said...

Look out Diane Sawyer!! :-) congrats.

Charmaine said...

ha ha.

You know what they say, people fear public speaking more then they fear death.

It's amazing that you got any words. It's amazing that you made the crowd laugh, twice.

hmmm run for some kind of office. I'll vote for you.

JIMSIGHT said...

I actually think its fun.

I co-stared in a couple episodes of the HB City Council Meetings, I was sandwiched between an irate Detective and one of our many local CRAZY ladies that has something to say about everything.

It is kinda of like Political Karaoke night...ahahhahahahah

Briana said...

They have crazy people at every meeting, too (except they're all men). One freak of a guy went up to spout some weird babble about imports and exports. (This is CITY Council). Strangely, I met this weirdo a while ago through a friend who used to be on city council. My friend told me to watch my mouth (apparently I am known for not doing that), because if I ever did run for city council, this man could make my life a living hell, showing up at my house, calling all the time. We were all at a very loud bar listening to the debut of a forty-ish band one of whom is a friend's kid's soccer coach. After he knew that I was an attorney, he was going on about this import/export thing, and then he asked me,on two separate occassions,if I knew what imports and exports were. Umm. Yeah. I take some solace in the fact that on that particular evening, I was wearing my t-shirt that says "Well-behaved women rarely make history."

Charmaine said...

So what IS imports and exports?

Just kidding

Briana said...

They have to do with ports :)