Sunday, September 7, 2008

Four Indians and a Computer

I am truly sorry to all of you faithful readers for the delay in my posts. I am having HUGE problems with my computer. It just took me about 20 minutes to get on the internet and every minute or so I get pop-ups trying to sell me anti-virus software. I attempted to address this problem by downloading the most recent version of Norton. I paid $80 and it failed to download. So I started a "chat" with Norton. After about an hour working with Deelip, he/she (I can't tell if it's a boy or girl) came up with the ingenious solution that my computer has a virus. Hmmm. I wanted to say that that was I bought the "anti-virus" software, but I was concerned that my sarcasm would not be understood given both the email format and the language barrier.

Deelip couldn't help me so he/she transferred me to Dilip (I'm not making up these names). He/she then decided that I needed to purchase their virus removal service ($100) so that the initial software could load. So he/she transferred me to Kishore. Kishore gained remote access. Then after a while, the chat disconnected. When it became apparent that the virus removal hadn't worked, I started another chat. After another long wait, I was transferred to Rakesh. But since this entire process took 4 hours and I still had no Rakesh, I bailed. So now I'm out $180 and still have viruses and no anti-virus software.

Since then, I have been emailing Norton (I refuse to start another chat) demanding a full refund. Apparently no one actually reads my emails or the history of the matter, so they explain how to download the anti-virus software (which is impossible due to the virus). Woe is me!


Charmaine said...

Take your computer to Best Buy. Tell them what happened and have them fix it. Maybe they can even contact Norton for you.

SF said...

fricking deelip and dilip and rasheesh have no sense of humor - i know exactly what you mean. sarcasm is completely lost and innuendo is over their heads...pitiful really but it really forces you to distill down what the problem is...."you sold me a piece of crap and I want you to let me talk to someone who can fix my problem NOW or i will fly to india and find you - and I have the frequent flyer points to do it too." that usually gets me booted to someone in the states....who solves the issue in 10 minutes...but yeah your sis is right....ask best buy...the geek squad is king.