Monday, September 22, 2008

Two Lesbians and a Baby (Repost)

I went to a baby shower that was being held in celebration of the birth of an adorable little baby girl to a lesbian couple (in vitro). It wasn't much different than any other baby shower that I have attended (other than the joke about the immaculate conception). Personally, I have no problem with gay people having children. Especially gay women. I know that fathers allegedly bring something to the parenting table (other than DNA). But who's to say that a lesbian woman can't bring comparable benefits? In my house, my husband and I have completely different parenting styles (his consisting mainly of yelling). But theoretically it's a team effort. Sometimes my approach works. And sometimes my husband's approach works. But I don't think that his penis makes any real difference.

Two women still make a team. Now I don't know if this couple is married (in a non-legal way), but I don't really care either way. Is there something about a marriage certificate that qualifies any of us to be parents? Lots of people are having kids without the "benefit" of marriage and no one seems to care. Of course, the big question, is whether gay people should be allowed to marry at all. Some argue that gay marriage threatens the institution of marriage. I really don't get how ANYONE'S marriage, or non marriage, impacts MY marriage. Does a marriage between a man and woman strengthen my marriage? I don't think so. Gay marriage isn't legal, yet the majority of marriages break up . So, what's the problem? Religion.

Some religions consider homosexuality to be a sin. I'm not sure how the inability to legally marry, and, thereby, gain the numerous legal benefits of marriage, reduces homosexuality, but I haven't been to church lately.

I'm not a card-carrying lesbian. I am not trying to marry a lesbian. I am just annoyed that so many people believe it's ok to impose their religious beliefs on others. It's the same with abortion. Whether or not I personally would have an abortion, doesn't mean that I (or the government) can make that decision for other women. It's personal. Honestly, I believe that men should not be allowed to say anything about this issue at all. I've been pregnant, and given birth. It's no picnic.

And now, the elephant (or presidential candidate) in the room. First, Republicans are in my bedroom deciding who I can sleep with. Then they allow insurance companies to pay for Viagra so some old man can get it up, but don't allow insurance to pay for birth control, despite the fact that the birth control would prevent the very pregnancy that might result from the Viagra and that might require an abortion. I consider myself to be an intelligent person, and I don't get this.

The next President will most likely enjoy the HUGE privilege, and resulting impact, of selecting several Supreme Court justices. Women fought for many years to gain the right, first to birth control, and then for safe abortions. Many people don't realize that this very access to choice will be up for review in the Supreme Court. Anyone judge who says that they are obligated to honor the previous decisions (such as Roe v. Wade) of the Supreme Court (Chief Justice Roberts) is full of shit. The Supreme Court can do whatever the hell they want. Thanks to Bush, the Court already has 5 Catholics. The next President can seal the deal for generations. I'm scared. Are you scared?

I'll add something to this in light of the recent passage of the health care reform bill. Right now I'm in Tucson for the Rockies spring training and we are leaving to golf (I don't golf. I'm there for moral support).


SF said...

VERY SCARED! and it is such a no brainer for someone who has not been brain washed by religion.....I think faith is a wonderful thing, but when YOUR faith pees in my back yard, I have to draw the line, ya know? My office mate and her partner got legally married in San Fran a few years ago...and they have a little boy now...Cari provided the egg and carried the baby, and Johana brings home the bacon.....and man what a perfect little family they make! A loved child who will grow up open minded and accepting and loving...what is so wrong with that???

JIMSIGHT said...

These are very very dangerous times indeed. WAKE UP AMERICA.

I totally agree, Men butt out!! Its none of our business, unless you are asked for personal input then shut the F up.

I am very proud to say that California legalized same sex marriges on my Birthday. The only issue I have is that it sometimes falls on fathers day, might make the wedding anniversary a little confusing on the Lesbian side. LOL.

Parenting is parenting, you either have patience and are willing to put in the work or you don't. Unfortunatley most folks don't, Anatomical parts really don't play much of a role, at least that's how I remember it. I was far more nuturing than my wife was, and she was much better at disipline.

The breast feeding, well we can argue that one another day.

Charmaine said...


You are a thoughtful and intersting young woman who is courageous enough to express provocative beliefs when so many others, have lost this courage.

I'm proud to have such an intelligent baby sis. I'm proud of ya. And proud that sf is your friend. She's smart too!!!