Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Trouble With Birthdays and Husbands

I have been advised that in the interest of my neighborhood friendships, I need to remove this post. If you have already read this, please try to erase it from your memory banks. Thanks.


Charmaine said...

You going kind of easy on your drunken friend, aren't you?

If the situation had been reversed, the husband THAT drunk, and she AWOL you still would have thought the husband was the "loser".

Plus, it's not her husband your mad at. :-)

JIMSIGHT said...

While a "Dive Bar Surpise Party" is not exactly my idea of a way to celebrate such a monumentous occasion I do pose this question.

Was she so suprised, mouth agape that gallons of Coors Light fell from the sky into her mouth?

"Loser Husband" should have come to the aid of his wife no matter what though, could not agree more, what were the neighbors waving lighters in the sky praying for an encore?

SF said...

oh, you take plenty good care of people....i seem to very vaguely remember several drunk nights where you not only made me take my contacts out, you also asked if i took my shot. If I didn't die my sophomore year, it is almost wholly attributable to you :-)

on new years this year, my friends left drunken me at Kevin's house...i had thrown up in his shower...they cleaned me up, put me on the couch and LEFT me! They went back to my house to pick up someone's car...would it have been so horrible to take me with them??

Briana said...

Ok. I've now had some time to reflect and recover from staying up until 3 am which is not something any 44-year old should ever do (as well as a stern lecture from Charmaine). I am willing to examine the possibility that I have not fairly evaluated the entire situation and just blamed the loser husband. She definitely has a problem deciding how much is too much. But I'd rather focus on him. And just when I thought I'd give him a break, I found out that the day after, he gave his wife tons of crap and tried to convince her that we were all looking at her like she was an idiot (when, in fact, we were looking at him like he was an idiot). I don't mean to imply that she is completely blameless in all of this. I'm just very annoyed that he didn't seem to give a damn. Dan's first thought was that he had to finish playing, but he's not Bon Jovi, and there were maybe 5 people in the bar when we left. So that just doesn't fly. I guess I should just appreciate my husband more since he would never do that to me.