Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Republican Cell Phone

My new cell phone is a republican. I tried to download a ringtone and wallpaper from Barack Obama's website, but my phone said this device was not compatible with this download. Say wha? I think this confirms what Hillary once said about the vast right-wing conspiracy. Think of all of the young people (ok, stop laughing, I don't mean me), trying to download the ringtone so that every time their phone rings, everyone in the vicinity hears the voice of change (and sanity). Of course, Verizon doesn't want this because then they won't continue to get tax subsidies when they outsource jobs to India. But, before I get on my soapbox (which is a clear and present danger), you have to watch this video of Barack on the Ellen Degeneres show. It's been a long time since we had a president who could move this well!


SF said...

well i was thinking about getting a new cell phone and I can tell you NOW it won't be a verizon one :-) LOL

Charmaine said...

Hey, my cellie is a Verizon. I'll try to download the file and see if it works.

Obama dances like YOU little sister!!

Briana said...

I knew I liked the way he danced!