Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Velvet Coffin and John McCain (and this is not a reference to his advanced age)

Ok, so I'm flipping through the October issue of Oprah and I see this article about career stalls. The signs: 1. You're not being included in meetings the way you used to - CHECK; 2. You begin to sense that your boss and teammates aren't talking to you as often. - CHECK; 3. Pay raises and promotions are passing you by. - CHECK. Whoa nelly!

The article goes on to cite the 3 most common reasons that careers might stall: 1. Boredom - CHECK; 2. Underperformance - I'm not sure I'm willing to check this one; and 3. Embedded reputation from past errors - uh, they got me there. Bad email fiasco. Enough said.

So, last month, in my final act of what Charmaine refers to as false pride (which I consider real pride), I quit. As the article says, people in this situation always wonder why they didn't leave sooner. As one staller put it, "I see that time now as if I were in a velvet coffin. I was so comfortable, I didn't realize I was dead." Now that's depressing. I don't think that I was "dead." I was just extraordinarily pissed off.

But did you know that John McCain voted against equal pay for equal work? He said that women just needed more education and training. Yeah, he graduated in the bottom 1% of his class (which is basically one question shy of failing). And he could be president. After my first year of law school, I was 3rd in my class. (It went down from there, but that's a long story). And yet, despite having achieved a doctoral level degree (the highest in my company), I was paid less than everyone except the office manager. What's up with that? Maybe John McCain can advise me what further education I need. Check him out below.


SF said...

excellent points....when we get into ruts, sometimes they are so comfortable, we don't notice how miserable we are. Sometimes it takes a monstrous act to motivate us to action...sometimes it is a tiny little thing. I always knew you were a schmart cookie, and I could tell you were infuriated with the job when I saw you in July. Sometimes you just gotta say enough is enough, and haul yourself out of the rut and make a move.

Charmaine said...

Ya. I know you did the right thing.

I was merely "projecting". See if I have the same pride, false or otherwise...eating cat food becomes a part of my future.

But maybe not.

JIMSIGHT said...

Straws and Camels backs, Better Sooner than Later, and yes meeting Charmaine is always Creepy..still laughing at that one..thanks.

I think I saw McCain on an episode of The Winchell Mahone Hour...does that dude ever move his lips..guess we should ask the Mrs.